7 Takeaways from Prague

Last week, my friend Dan and I attended a conference in Prague hosted by Acts29Europe/SOMA. It was great to spend time with 250+ European church pioneers.  They say you only retain around 25% of the information at an event like this. 25% is a stretch for me so this is my attempt to regurgitate 2%.

  1. Theology (study of God) really does inform Orthopraxy (what you do). What you believe about what God has done in the gospel, will shape what you do.  Takeaway: Be a good theologian 
  2. There is no sacred/secular divide. Takeaway: If we really believed all of life is spiritual it would radically change our discipleship and mission
  3. Sunday is not primary. Jesus calls his church to be on 24/7. If you walk into most church buildings on Sunday, is it clear that there is more worth celebrating than what happens in the building? Takeaway: Define what is worth celebrating?
  4. Jesus calls his church to be a culture creating people.  Takeaway: If you don’t intentionally work on creating a disicple-making culture you will drift into either a (1) boring culture, (2) stress culture, or a (3) cozy culture
  5. God’s people have always celebrated over food. (feasts, passover, Lord’s supper) Takeaway: We should be the best at throwing parties. 
  6. In order to build, sometimes you need to deconstruct. Takeaway: We have some things we need to deconstruct that have shaped the way we do what we do that aren’t helpful (culture, traditions, sacred cows)
  7. You were meant to obey Jesus in the context of community. Takeaway: Learn to not only say, “What is Jesus teaching me?”, but “What is Jesus teaching us?” 



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